Advisory Training For Accountants In Public Practice

Transition existing compliance clients into regular accounting advisory solutions focused on improving business outcomes with a repeatable Advisor Process and add value beyond compliance

The Advisory Demand Paradox


70% of Accounting firms who responded to the June 2020 CommBank Accounting Market Pulse report said they expected business advisory services to experience increasing demand ahead of business recovery & insolvency.

Yet, many accounting firms aren’t experiencing real value growth from advisory services.

While accounting firms may expect increasing demand from business clients, the truth is, clients don’t know they can ask you for solutions to improve their business outcomes.

It’s the responsibility of Accountants to invite and effectively communicate the value of advisory services for clients.  This is the gap between compliance and advisory we need to rapidly close in the accounting industry.

Close The Gap From Compliance To Ongoing Business Improvement Advisory Services

An Accountant’s skill set must be more than purely technical to leverage increased value with business clients now. The skills to deliver successful advisory work are different to the skills Accountants are taught for compliance work.

Most Accountants don’t have a repeatable process for delivering advisory the right way so they’re ill-equipped to work with clients beyond compliance and be effective with valued advisory work.

This leads to giving advice for free or not giving advice at all while attempting to demonstrate limited value through compliance.

At The Small Business Project it’s our goal to help more accountants in practice leverage the value of ongoing business improvement advisory solutions for clients that’s a win-win for everyone.

Meet Your Clients Where They Are

Your clients don’t need to understand accounting, they want to understand their business. Effective ongoing business advisory services are in demand when presented meaningfully to clients.

Accountants can take advantage of efficiencies with technology to streamline compliance services and increase capacity for effective advisory work.

Leverage your time and knowledge to deliver high value relevant ongoing advisory services that improve business outcomes.  This is what clients want, but don’t know how to ask for.

It’s up to you to invite them and guide them through an advisory process that shows them how your accounting services help them improve their business (and achieve their lifestyle goals as a result).

Accountants and accounting teams learn the 4-Step Advisor Process to quickly close the gap between ‘doing’ compliance to ‘deliver’ effective ongoing advisory services focused on improving business outcomes.


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The Advisor Training Programs 

Build value alongside compliance with the skills for in-demand ongoing business advisory solutions.

Four principles guide the Advisor Training for Accountants within The Small Business Project.

Each principle is required to ensure Accountants fully transition into high value advisory services and go beyond just having advisory knowledge.

As you complete the Advisor Training you apply the 4-Step Advisor Process with practical application working directly with your clients.


Learn essential skills you don’t use with compliance to gain an advisor mindset an confidently introduce and engage clients with advisory.


Weekly Coaching and individual support with an assigned Implementation Partner to assist you with securing your first two advisory clients*

The Advisor Framework

Ongoing business advisory is simplified with the step-by-step framework of Advisor Processes.



Embed new skills as you work progressively with clients through accountability milestones.

Phase 1

The Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Training

A 12-week paced online program for Accountants and accounting teams to gain an advisor mindset, receive weekly coaching, learn the 4-Step Advisory Process, complete the guided implementation program and see results with clients immediately.

The Small Business Project

Phase 2

Leading Edge Business

On completion of the Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Program develop advanced advisory skills for high value strategic ongoing advisory services for clients.

Leading Edge Business

Phase 3

Ready, Set, Coach

For accounting firms who want growth through a predictable business model and integration of forward-thinking leadership with business development.

Business Coaching Ready

Client Testimonial

The Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Training taught me the skills to quickly secure 2 new advisory clients at $20k+ each with upfront payment! I have the confidence and certainty to offer advisory services now I have an easy to implement process to follow. I highly recommend this program to all Accountants who are ready to take the steps to grow their business with advisory services.


Scott Edmonds, CA

Director, Brilliance for Business