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Establish the strategic foundation to deliver and create demand for ongoing advisory services that lead to business improvement.

The Small Business Project Leading Edge Business

Advanced Advisory Skills


In the proprietary LEADING EDGE BUSINESS™ Advisor Intensive, Accountants build on knowledge from Business Metamorphosis® with advanced Advisor skills.

Confidently deliver business advisory with this strategic approach to structure ongoing advisory services and business improvement solutions.

The program is designed to ensure:

1. The value of advisory is built on a strategic foundation and processes.

2. Accountants have a sophisticated approach to facilitate in-depth advisory with clients and deliver a highly professional client experience.

3. There is structure in the client advisory relationship which means clients accept accountability

4. Accountants work strategically on future outcomes and have an impact on reversing business failure rates.

Leading Edge Business

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The Strategic Foundation For
Impactful Advisory


In the proprietary LEADING EDGE BUSINESS™ Advisor Intensive, Accountants learn the
strategic foundation, principles and framework for forward-thinking impactful advisory.

Phase 2

Leading Edge Business™

Advanced Advisor Intensive

Advanced Advisory Framework For Structuring
In-Depth Client Advisory Strategies (18 hours CPD)

The 5P Strategic Advisory Framework delivered over 3 Days
online for graduates of Business Metamorphosis®.

Strategic Foundation

Strategic Foundation

Learn the strategic foundation to guide clients through their advisory solutions. Communicate highly valued knowledge and provide strategic advisory based on financial fundamentals that are relevant to the client’s business goals.

5Ps Strategic Process

5Ps Strategic Process

The 5Ps Strategic process provides the structure for continuation of in-depth advisory over time. It facilitates progression towards achieving business goals with a framework to consistently deliver high value advisory.

Guided Implementation

Guided Implementation

Structured program to support implementation of the strategic foundation of advisory with clients. Position your firm as a key influence driving business improvement with defined advisory solutions.

We help motivated Accountants
make a difference

Client Testimonial

After completing the Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Intensive and implementing it in my business, I am doing more of what I love, that is guiding and advising clients about business growth, educating them on business concepts so they can make more informed business decisions and help them overcome stumbling blocks to make sure they stay on track to reach their goals.

Liz C. CPA