Metamorphosis® Advisor Training

The repeatable 4-Step Advisor Process to turn ad-hoc advisory into regular business improvement advisory solutions that add value beyond compliance

Business Metamorphosis Advisor Training

How To Turn Ad-Hoc Advisory Services into regular Business Improvement Advisory Solutions and predictable recurring revenue


The Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Training provides Accountants and Accounting Teams with the proven 4-Step Advisor process to invite existing compliance clients into regular business improvement advisory services.

Practical online learning modules are delivered with weekly group coaching over a 12-week period.  Designed to position Accountants to start delivering effective advisory services immediately.


The training is designed to overcome:

1. The challenge of communicating value in a structured way so clients will want to pay for ongoing advisory services

2. The need to ‘sell’ advisory to clients that goes against an Accountant’s natural style

3. Uncertainty, client confusion, and lost time due to lack of structure and process when delivering advisory

4. The professional skills gap that prevents knowledgeable accountants from delivering advisory solutions now 

5. The lack of effective ongoing advisory services in accounting firms for business improvement

Business Metamorphosis advisor method

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The Evolving Accountants Role

The time for the accountants in public practice to make the shift into becoming true advisors leading business improvement has arrived.  While compliance will keep you and your team busy, the truth is good business clients want to improve their business and they need your help so they make better decisions.

Business Metamorphosis® enables Accountants to provide value beyond compliance with professional advisory skills and services that have a big impact and support business improvement.


An Advisor mindset sets the foundation for effective ongoing advisory work and professionally guiding clients through the steps to ensure clients remain committed to the advisory relationship.


Emphasis on the guided implementation roadmap and techniques throughout the program ensures the skills are applied and practical learning experience is gained.

There is ongoing support and accountability for graduates post program with an assigned TSBP Implementation Partner through the 60 Day Acceleration Program.

The Advisor Framework

The 4-Step Advisor Process eliminates guesswork, client confusion, and lost time with a defined advisory framework to deliver professional business advisory solutions clients feel excited about.



Develop professional advisory skills through practical application and progressive coaching.

Accountants build capability and confidence in delivering effective ongoing advisory and business improvement solutions.

We help forward-thinking Accountants
make a difference

Client Testimonial

After completing the Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Training and implementing the 4-Step Advisor process in my business, I am doing more of what I love.  That is guiding and advising clients about business growth, educating them on business concepts so they can make more informed business decisions and help them overcome stumbling blocks to make sure they stay on track to reach their goals.”


Liz C. CPA


Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Training

The 4-Step Advisor Process for successful ongoing Business Improvement Advisory (40+ hours CPD)

Delivered over 16 weeks online with weekly group coaching to progressively build capability with the 4-Step Advisor Process and deliver structured ongoing business improvement advisory solutions immediately.

Business Metamorphosis advisor method
online learning modules

Online Learning Modules

Seven (7) paced in-depth online learning modules are delivered with practical assessments to progressively build
capability with the Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Method for ongoing advisory alongside existing client work.

Live Group Coaching

Live Group Coaching

Weekly coaching calls over 15 weeks to answer questions, provide feedback, coaching and support with practical experience applying new skills and the Business Metamorphosis® Advisor Method with clients.

Guided Implementation

Guided Implementation

Structured program to support implementation of advisory techniques with an assigned TSBP Implementation Partner. This incrementally builds confidence and ensures a higher likelihood of continuing to build successful advisory after completion of the program.