Ready, Set, Coach

Evolve your accounting practice into the firm of the future.

The Small Business Project Ready, Set, Coach

The traditional accounting business model isn’t keeping up with the expectations of modern clients or the next generation of Accountants. You see the opportunity but creating change with minimal disruption to productivity in the business is a complex balance of managing staff and processes.


Ready, Set Coach is designed specifically for accounting firms that need an internal restructure to realise their vision for the future.


Ready, Set, Coach is phase 3 of The Small Business Project certification. A 4-6 month program that provides accounting firms with the roadmap for transformational change with minimal disruption to the workplace.

The program is designed to elevate:

1. Leadership

2. Responsibility

3. Processes

4. Team Engagement

5. Future Proofing

Business Coaching Ready
Strategic Foundation

Strategic Foundation

Create a strategic foundation for
the business

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Explore the operational processes
within the business to evaluate
what is working and what isn’t.
Develop an Action Plan.

team engagement

Team Engagement

Involve the team in the idea generation of improvements for the firm.

business training implementation


Engage the team in the implementation of the new vision and direction